Logstash and frozen index

Last week, I froze old indexes (over a month). Everything worked and elasticsearch was faster. But since monday we have this error in loop in Logstash:

[2020-11-24T15:29:42,146][INFO ][logstash.outputs.elasticsearch][beat][b3794bbce4619b8fac89bacc6a147632a21dd948445953c7961c6c4986ea2a65] retrying failed action with response code: 403 ({"type"=>"cluster_block_exception", "reason"=>"index [filebeat-redis-2020.34] blocked by: [FORBIDDEN/8/index write (api)];"})

There are no new logs. I understand that logstash is trying to create a new index since the index pattern is weekly, but I don't understand why it is trying to modify the old indexes.

Of course, I fix this by unfreezing the indexes. But I don't understand why. Is the freeze indexes a good practices? Is there a way to use logstash and frozen indexes?

edit: I use elasticsearch, logstash and kibana in version 7.9.2


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Are you using weekly indices?
It could be that Logstash thinks it has an event from that week that it needs to index it.

Yes, we use weekly indices. When does logstash decide to log to an old index?

I'm doing more testing and I'm pretty sure it's not old logs in old indexes.

What does your Logstash config look like?

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