Logstash Array of JSON

How can I Split Array of JSON into different JSON so that per request we will get 1 row?

Use a split filter?

That will persist the in-memory sincedb in a file called NULL in the working directory of logstash. On Windows, if you want the sincedb reset each time logstash starts then set it to "NUL", not "NULL". (On UNIX use "/dev/null".)

It looks like your json file is pretty-printed with one key/value pair per line. You will need to combine the lines using a multiline codec (so instead of using a json codec you will need to use a json filter to parse the JSON).

You could start by reading this and this (yes, it's XML rather than JSON, but exactly the same method applies).

How many lines are there in your file for a single JSON object? You need to set the max_lines option on the codec if it is more than 500. (Or perhaps your pattern is wrong.) You may then need to set the max_bytes option if your JSON is really huge.

The other tags are expected if your multiline codec is not capturing a single JSON object.

Please do not post pictures of text, just post the text. Some people cannot see pictures, they cannot be searched, and they prevent anyone copy and pasting the text to try to reproduce your issue and develop a solution.

I get that that may require extra work on your part. If you ask for help in a forum of volunteers then that is on you,.

Inside only one RequestEventList I'm getting all multiple json objects and I want one RequestEventList per object but I'm not getting.

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