Logstash behaviour

I am loading the data into ES Cluster through logstash. If I Provide the path i.e)source path as the mentioned below.

Path: /Folder/Folder1/*

How will Logstash behave if there are 5 files inside the folder1? Which one logstash will process first and which one last.

Is there a way to align the files based on which logstash will process?

Please suggest.

Path: /Folder/Folder1/*

In which file would you have this line? What kind of files are matched by this wildcard?

Logstash configuration while specifying the input path for the logstash. If I have given the path it will take the files inside the folder(Folder1).

input {
file {
type => "json"
path => "/app/data1/NDES/*"
start_position => "beginning"
sincedb_path => "/dev/null"

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