Logstash Broker hangs after upgrade to 1.5.3

We have 2 clusters in which we've upgraded logstash to version 1.5.3 and since then logstash broker, which put data to redis, hangs every 4-5 hours. The process is still in memory, no errors are shown in log file, but the no data is being written to redis. After I restart it, broker starts working properly, until it again hangs. It takes couple of hours to happen again.

Any help will be appreciated.

Below is my config file.

input {
file {
type => "syslog_product"
path => ["/data/product/*"]
sincedb_path => "/data/sincedb"


output {

stdout {}

redis {
host => ["redis-host"]
data_type => "list"
key => "product:syslog_product"
type => "syslog_product"
batch => true
batch_events => 2000
workers => 16