Logstash CIDR Filter : create new field with matched network


I'm currently using the Logstash CIDR filter to tag private and public IP.

Now, I want to use this plugin with a list of all the networks used within my company and add a field or a tag with network information when there is a match.

Example :


filter {
      cidr {
          add_tag => [ "%{matched_network}" ]
          address => [ "%{[source][ip]}" ]
          network_path => "/my/network/path/cmdb.csv"


In case 'source.ip': '', tag is [""].

Do anyone know how to retrieve the matched network range directly ?

The final goal is to use an Ingest Pipepline to then enrich events with network range information.

Thanks !

You cannot do that. If you look at the code, you will see that if it finds a match all it does it decorate the event (i.e. process the add_tag, remove_tag, add_field, and remove_field options).

There is an open issue requesting this here. That suggests a PR was submitted recently (which is here, but it contains several other changes). There is also this PR that was submitted last year. As you can see it is a minor change. Unfortunately it is just a comment that contains the required code changes, it is not packaged as a PR. If someone repackaged it then it is at least possible that it would get merged.

As far as I know the state of the art in workarounds is to use an external program that maps every range to a list of addresses and range like this:,,,,,,,,

Then pass that to a translate filter (at which point you do not need a cidr filter).
And yes, I am aware that for a large corporation that file could contain over a million lines. That will not bother a translate filter.

Many thanks for the answer !

Nice for the PR, it will be a usefull feature :slight_smile:

But if the translate filter can support a million of lines, it should be totally fine for my use case too :slight_smile:


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