Logstash - client_cert

I'm new with Elastic
I'm trying to add a client_cert property to my configuration file (output of course)
I'm nesting this property under elasticsearch curl bracket
When trying to run Logstash machine, it pop an error:
"logstash.outputs.elasticsearch - Unknown setting 'client_cert' for elasticsearch
So, probably this prop is unfamiliar with elasticsearch
I'm using http_polar as input. Should I use http as output?
What am I doing wrong?
Any idea? a comprehensive tutorial will be great !

The elasticsearch output doesn't have a client_cert option. The plugin documentation for your version of Logstash lists what's available. Unfortunately I don't know exactly how a client cert setup would look like.

Tnx @magnusbaeck!
I saw this tutorial:
Ssl_certificate_validation not working
But, it didn't solved my problem
I"ll keep looking. If you have any pointing direction, please let me know

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