Logstash-codec-netflow: Unsupported field in template 258 {:type=>44999, :length=>32} [Cisco ASR-1001-X]

Error message:

[2019-09-02T09:51:06,601][WARN ][logstash.codecs.netflow ] Unsupported field in template 258 {:type=>44999, :length=>32}
[2019-09-02T09:51:06,602][WARN ][logstash.codecs.netflow ] Can't (yet) decode flowset id 258 from source id 6, because no template to decode it with has been received. This message will usually go away after 1 minute.

  • Version: Logstash 7.3.0
  • Operating System: CentOS7
  • Config File (if you have sensitive info, please remove it):

flow config

  Description:              User defined
  Export protocol:          NetFlow Version 9
  Transport Configuration:
    Destination IP address: xxx
    Source IP address:      xxx
    Source Interface:       TenGigabitEthernet0/0/1
    Transport Protocol:     UDP
    Destination Port:       2055
    Source Port:            52597
    DSCP:                   0x0
    TTL:                    255
    Output Features:        Used
  Export template data timeout:        60
  Options Configuration:
    interface-table (timeout 60 seconds) (active)
    application-table (timeout 60 seconds) (active)
    application-attributes (timeout 300 seconds) (active)


input {
  # Netflow
  udp {
    id => "input_udp_netflow_ipv4"
    port => "${ELASTIFLOW_NETFLOW_IPV4_PORT:2055}"
    queue_size => "${ELASTIFLOW_NETFLOW_UDP_QUEUE_SIZE:2048}"
    receive_buffer_bytes => "${ELASTIFLOW_NETFLOW_UDP_RCV_BUFF:33554432}"
    codec => netflow {
      versions => [5,9,10]
      include_flowset_id => "true"
      netflow_definitions => "${ELASTIFLOW_DEFINITION_PATH:/etc/logstash/elastiflow/definitions}/netflow.yml"
      ipfix_definitions => "${ELASTIFLOW_DEFINITION_PATH:/etc/logstash/elastiflow/definitions}/ipfix.yml"
    type => "netflow"
  • Steps to Reproduce: Export Flow from Cisco ASR-1001-X to Netflow v9 Port

Also, it says it will go away in 1 minute but I am running Logstash, Elasticsearch, ElastiFlow and Kibana since a week now. Is there any fix for this or am I doing something wrong? Please help.

Has no one an idea for this? Does it have to be fixxed by the logstash codec developers?

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