Logstash Coding problem

Synchronized data from mysql to Elasticsearch After the Chinese data is garbled Configured in the logstash configuration file UTF-8 GBK, etc. Not OK Someone knows how to solve it?

Remarks Database encoding is UTF-8BaiduShurufa_2018-4-12_10-42-38

What did your pipeline configuration look like? Logstash favors UTF-8 wherever possible, and most codecs and inputs allow explicit configuration of charsets (e.g., the per-column charset configuration in the JDBC Input plugin).

When using a database like MySQL, there are typically several bits than can get screwy:

  • the column
  • the table
  • the connection (this one often gets missed)

Can you share the schema?

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Thank you for reminding me that the problem has been solved. I ignored the coding of the column. After reading your reply to me, I repeatedly thought about it. Suddenly I remembered the listed problems and the problem was solved. Thank you very much.

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