Logstash conditional for nested field

I understand in Logstash you can access nested fields, for example like this in a filter block

 mutate {
    replace => { "timestamp" => "%{timestamp} %{[beat][timezone]}" }

However I seem to be unable to access the field "fileset.module" like this in an output block:

if  [fileset][module] == "osquery" {
  elasticsearch {
      hosts => [ "192.168.x.x", "192.168.y.y" ]
      index => "osquery-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

The events I'm pushing into logstash from filebeat never end up in the index I'm attempting to create here, though the field does definitely exist.
Anyone know what I may be doing wrong?

There's nothing wrong with the syntax. What does an example event look like?

This was due to user error, sorry for wasting your time. Filebeat wasn't configured properly. I had multiple hosts shipping stuff in, but the one host that wasn't had an incorrect filebeat config. Thought configs were identical but I made a mistake.

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