LogStash Config File - Grok Regex

Hello Community,

I'm very new to LogStash and I have a question. I am trying to use grok to get a substring from my message and put it in a new field. I've used grokdebugger in kibana and it seems to highlight the right text.
This is my grok pattern: (?<CR Number>(?<=CR num:)".{0,20}?")

What is the right way to put this grok pattern in config file? I am expecting it to create a new CR Number field. Right now I am doing this, but it does not work:

if [type] == "esign" 
    grok {
      match => { "message" => "(?<CR Number>(?<=CR num:)".{0,20}?")" }

Am I putting the grok regex pattern in config file the right way?
Thanks in advance!

Karanbir Mann

I would expect logstash to log an error for that. If you have double quotes in your pattern then use single quotes around it

'(?<CR Number>(?<=CR num:)".{0,20}?")'

Hi @Badger,

Amazing suggestion. I actually just solved my issue by escaping my double quotes using backslash and it solved the issue.