Logstash config to filebeat

Hi, i want to copy the config find here:: https://github.com/elastic/examples/tree/master/ElasticStack_apache into filebeat.full.yml. In that url there are three configuration that works fine. where i can copy the apache_logstash.conf, apache_template.json, apache_kibana.json? I can copy all in filebeat.full.yml?
If is possible i want copy the file not insert logstash url.
Alternately i can copy the three file in a directory and insert the path but where i insert that?
I'm new in filebeat.
Thanks for replay

That example doesn't make use of Filebeat. You could incorporate Filebeat into the setup by sending the data from Filebeat to Logstash. But there an Apache module for Filebeat that accomplishes a similar thing as that example. Checkout the module overview and tutorial.

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