Logstash date difference in minutes

I am looking for some direction on filters. I have a event with a startdatetime and enddatetime I need to add a field to the same event which is the difference in minutes. Elapse won't work since the startdatetime and enddatetime are in the same event. I need to add a new field called minutes that is a calculation of enddatetime - startdatetime.

I figured it out. With a help from a post from @ottignon

ruby {
init => "require 'time'"
code => "startdatetime = Time.iso8601(event['[records][start_date]'].to_s).to_i;
enddatetime = Time.iso8601(event['[records][end_date]'].to_s).to_i;
event['seconds'] = enddatetime - startdatetime;
event['minutes'] = (enddatetime - startdatetime) / 60;
event['hours'] = ((enddatetime - startdatetime) / 60) / 60;"

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