Logstash Date Filter Not Working with tab

I need to parse event and time separated by tab using the date filter in logstash, but logstash failed to identify tab and gives an error

      patterns_dir => ["./patterns"]
      match => { "message" => "%{TIMEFORMAT:eventtime}\t%{WORD:typedata}\t%{WORD:loglevel}\t%{TIME}\t%{HOSTNAME:hostmachine}\t%{GREEDYDATA:serviceinfo}\t%{SERVMSG}" }

COMP %{WORD:componenttype}\t%{GREEDYDATA:logmessage}
SERVMSG %{COMP}|\t%{GREEDYDATA:logmessage}
SERVICEDATA %{WORD:environment}\\%{GREEDYDATA:machine}\|%{POSINT:PID}\|%{GREEDYDATA:service}
"Unable to configure plugins: Illegal pattern component: t"

So, How can I create the mapping for eventtime to date in logstash?

Use a literal tab in the configuration file.


I tried this but it didn't work but error is now gone but eventtime is still string type and not date.

If you already indexed documents in elasticsearch where eventtime is a string then all subsequent documents will have it as a string until you roll over to a new index.

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