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Code -


  • type: log

    • logs/debug/*

    document_type: debug
    cu_hostname_input: dummy
    user_tag: shubh_08_aug_debug_testt
    sw_version: Unspecified
    timeZone: EST
    fields_under_root: true
    close_inactive: 1m
    close_eof: true
    exclude_files: [".PerformanceLog_RP.","uncompress.sh"]

This is my code as filter .conf file

date {
match => ["log_timestamp" , "yyyyMMdd HHmmss.SSSSSS"]
target => "@timestamp"
#timezone => "%{[fields][timeZone]}"
#timezone => "%{[field][timeZone]}"
#add_field => { "debug" => "debugTimestampMatched"}
add_field => { "timezone_value" => "%{[fields][timeZone]}"}

Now my issue is how to provide timezone value in date filter of timeZone value coming from filebeat.
timeZone value is either "UTC" or "IST" or "EST" only.

add_field => { "timezone_value" => "%{[fields][timeZone]}"}
This syntax gives value as

timezone_value %{[fields][timeZone]}


I have tried
add_field => { "timezone_value" => %{[fields][timeZone]}}

Same result

Need help

Since you have fields_under_root: true the fields don't end up as subfields of fields.

Note that it doesn't appear that the timezone option supports all the timezone names that you have. See the documentation of that option.

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