Logstash date filter, unable to match with pattern defined in a field

Version 6.1.2
I'm attempting to parse timestamps from various logsources using the date filter.
Due to it being multiple logsources with very similar timestamp formats(think 2018/03/14 vs 2018/14/03)
I wanted to define a field for specific logsources that included the expected timestamp format.

excerpt from the filters where the field is set, here for Cisco asa timestamp format

mutate {
  add_field => {"[@metadata][timeFormat]" => "MMM dd HH:mm:ss"}
  replace => {"[@metadata][timeZone]" => "America/Chicago"}

and later on, the date filter where i thought i could use the field [@metadata][timeFormat] set earlier.

date {
  locale => "en"
  timezone => "%{[@metadata][timeZone]}"
  match => [ "timestamp", "%{[@metadata][timeFormat]}" ]
  target => "timestamp"

this fails with
:message=>"Illegal pattern component: t"
after searching around for it i guess this means that it attempted to use the string "%{[@metadata][timeFormat]}" as the format and at the first t in metadata it failed.

If i use
match => [ "timestamp", "MMM dd HH:mm:ss" ]
It works fine and logstash does not complain.

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