Logstash debugging not writing to logs

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I seem to be having the same problem listed above where I change the logger level of a subsystem but no additional logging is written. The only way I can get the level of detail I'm looking for is to globally change the log.level setting in logstash.yml.

Is this a known issue?


AFAIK, The loggers are loaded at process initialisation, and were never designed to be reloaded when configuration changes.

Thanks for the response.

So is the documentation below correct when it states that "you can dynamically update logging levels through the logging API"?


I did not know about that API.

The base logger, which logs at path logstash.input.beats doesn't really log much useful data -- in fact, once it has started it doesn't appear to log anything at all.

Looking at the source for the beats input, it looks like each internal class gets its own Logger instnce, which I believe will log at a path corresponding to the class' Java FQN (e.g., org.logstash.beats.MessageListener); you may be able to set the log-level for org.logstash.beats, from which they all should inherit.

Thanks, I'll give that a try.

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