Logstash Docker default port


I am trying to use the official Logstash Docker image in Cloud Foundry to forward application logs to an ElasticSearch cluster via http input and a CF syslog drain (https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/devguide/services/log-management.html#step2), using the centralized pipeline management feature to configure Logstash.

Now I'm facing the issue that the Docker image exposes 9600 and 5044, the lower port gets picked up by CF (https://docs.cloudfoundry.org/devguide/deploy-apps/push-docker.html#port_config) and the Logs get forwarded to that port.

I'd however like to make Logstash listen to 8080 (standard way in CF), without having to create my own Dockerfile, but couldn't find any option to do that with environment variables.

As a workaround I could use input { http { port => "5044" } }, but that's not very elegant. I could also force 8080 as the port via CF api (cf curl /v2/apps/ PUT -d '{"ports": [8080]}' ), but that's not elegant either.

Any ideas how I could solve that?

Thank you!

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