Logstash docker file input and file output

I am new to Logstash, trying my hand with docker image.
I have followed instructions from official documentation and was able to pull the image successfully.

Through this command:
docker run --rm -it -v C:\Users\xyz\Desktop\Docker:/usr/share/logstash/pipeline/ docker.elastic.co/logstash/logstash:5.5.1

I understood that I am mapping configuration folder of pipeline to "C:\Users\xyz\Desktop\Docker" folder on my windows PC.

But my question is I have to give a file input to Logstash docker and want it to write back to a file.
What path should I mention inside configuration file to read logs. and how do i make it available to Logstash docker to read and write from?

My bad wrong path.

mount the path you have your input files and output files using multiple "-v" and use those paths in pipeline conf file.

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Thanks for sharing the solution! :smiley:

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