Logstash does not auto recover after disconnection with destination

Hello dear,

I am very new with Logstash. and facing this issue for so long. Tried many things but not able to resolve it. Please find below cases which I am using right now.

  1. Filebeat is running on VM1 and Logstash is running on VM2. Filebeat sending the data to REDIS and then Logstash reading the data from REDIS and sending it to Influxdb. But sometime there is some fluctuation with Influx connectivity which gets resolved in few seconds. But later after that Logstash does not connect to it again. and also stop reading data from redis.

  2. I have many JDBC input plugins in Logstash config file which are running all together. but sometimes Logstash stop reading data from those queries. As per logs, Queries are running. But Logstash don't send any data to destination.

Both of the above issues get resolved when I restart the Logstash. and then it works perfectly fine.

Please help with the resolution.

Thanks in advance.

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