Logstash does not parse date when ingesting data

I have a large CSV file with many columns, and when I first ingested it into elasticsearch, everything worked fine, and all the dates that I specified in the date filters were parsed properly.

However after adding 3 columns of data into the CSV file, for some reason when I tried to ingest the data again, Logstash was unable to parse the dates.

P.S All the dates I have in the CSV are formatted to short date.

Here is my config file:

    filter {
    	csv {
    		separator => ","
    		autodetect_column_names => "false"
    		autogenerate_column_names => "true"
    		skip_empty_columns => "true"
    		columns => ["Data Type", ... a bunch of other columns defined]

        /*Date filters for all date fields in the exact same format*/

    	date {
    		match => ["EOSL_its_end_of_support_hw", "MM/dd/YYYY"]
    		target => "EOSL_its_end_of_support_hw"
... Config file continues

Is there something wrong with my config file that I am missing?

can you show your new data sample which you are adding into CVS file.

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