Logstash does not start process files

when logstash start, it give out Rotation In Progress error. I just want it start process files

[2019-01-15T11:17:09,673][WARN ][filewatch.tailmode.processor] >>> Rotation In Progress - inode change detected and original content is not fully read, file is closed and path points to new content {"watched_file details"=>"<FileWatch::WatchedFile: @filename='IMS_SCSCF0X.0000', @state='rotation_in_progress', @recent_states='[:watched, :watched]', @bytes_read='0', @bytes_unread='0', current_size='1152075', last_stat_size='1152075', file_open?='false', @initial=false, @sincedb_key='unknown 0 0'>"}

here is what has been done

  1. start logstash
  2. copy and paste log file to target dir
  3. above error message show up

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