Logstash doesnt stop when config.reload.automatic is enabled

I am running a logstash pipeline with JDBC input triggered via crontab, to ensure also a process runs afterwards.
Besides that i have also a logstash pipeline with JDBC input but with schedule as a service.

I was hoping to have both logstash instances to have the same configuration file.
I added for the 2nd scenario config.reload.automatic: true to the logstash.yml, expecting it wouldnt do anything for scenario 1 as, logstash is shut down again.

Now what I notice is that logstash does not exit when config.reload.automatic is enabled.
I am unable to find this behaviour in the documentation.

Is this intended?

Logstash 7.11
Ubuntu 20.04

In general logstash will keep running forever, waiting for new events from the inputs. In a few cases it will exit when it knows it will not see any new events. For example, if a stdin input reaches EOF then it will exit. If I remember correctly then a jdbc input without a schedule will exit after running the sql statement once.

I forgot to add indeed:
I am using jdbc input without schedule :slight_smile:

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