Logstash dosen't support avro date type?

I use logstash to stream data from kafka topic to elasticsearch index.
(Input plugin kafka, output plugin elasticsearch)
logstash version is 7.8

kafka topic schema include date type.

name startDate
type int
logicalType date

when I execute logstash pipeline, I got error.

An unexpected error occurred! {:error=>org.logstash.MissingConverterException: Missing Converter handling for full class name=org.jruby.ext.date.RubyDate, simple name=RubyDate, :backtrace=>["org.logstash.Valuefier.fallbackConvert(Valuefier.java:118)", "org.logstash.Valuefier.convert(Valuefier.java:96)", "org.logstash.ConvertedMap$1.visit(ConvertedMap.java:55)", "org.logstash.ConvertedMap$1.visit(ConvertedMap.java:49)", "org.jruby.RubyHash.visitLimited(RubyHash.java:698)",

I found code Valuefier.java in elasticsearch/logstash github.
it seemed like logstash dosent' support Date type, RubyDate.

then what can I do?
It fails at input stage before filter stage starts.
so I can't control the field in logstash, which avro schema is date type.

Is there a solution?
why dosen't logstash support to convert data to date type?

Please let me know if you have a similar problem or solution.
thank you.

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