Logstash elasticsearch input plugin disable ssl verification

Hi Team,
I was wondering if we have an option to disable ssl verification for logstash elasticsearch input plugin.
Since the stack is deployed with certs created by elasticsearch cert util, just by adding cacert is not sufficient.

I see that ssl_certificate_verification => false in output plugin. I am looking for something similar in input plugin.

There is no reason why that would be the case. The certificates generated by certutil are regular certificates and the CA can be added as a trusted CA in the plugin.

This was my first time dealing with elasticsearch input plugin:
I learned that the plugin, just issues the query and stops if no schedule is configured.
I got some ssl error which is resolved by configuring with the correct CA file. (sry for the misunderstanding timV and thanks for clarifying, had no idea why I thought that).

Also, it would be great if you guys log something on the query status into logstash info/debug logs. I couldn't see any logs and the reason I couldn't see anything in my output was my query had a time filter of dates in which there was no data which was the issue for me. Its just that I took a wrong sample index/date combination for my testing :frowning:

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