Logstash elasticsearch output, expand variables in data stream parameters


I am using logstash 7.13.1 that has support for datastreams in the elasticsearch output.
As far as I looked at it is not possible to specify a variable in one of the datastream related parameter like below:

  elasticsearch {
	hosts => "localhost"
	data_stream => "true"
	data_stream_type => "metrics"
	data_stream_dataset => "iib"
	data_stream_namespace => "%{[@metadata][namespace]}"

This will use "%{[@metadata][namespace]}" as a string.
Am I correct? Maybe an e.sprintf() to add there?


Take a look at data_stream_auto_routing. Looking at the code it expects a field called [data_stream]

{ "data_stream": { "type": "foo", "dataset": "bar", "namespace": "baz" } }

You could build that using sprintf references in a mutate filter.

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Thanks. This is indeed the solution.
That's what's happening when people don't read the manual :wink:

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