Logstash Email Config

(Nikhil Singh) #1

This is my config file for logstash email plugin
if "ERROR" in [message] {
email {
to => 'email'
codec => "plain"
from => 'email2'
subject => 'Central logstash alert'
via => 'smtp'
body => 'Here is the event line that occured'
#domain => 'localhost'
address => 'smtp.office365.com'
port => 587
use_tls => true
username => 'email'
debug => true
password => 'password'
authentication => 'login'

and I'm still getting an error for as in the screen shot

Would appreciate any help

(Lewis Barclay) #2

This is a permission error on exchange/Office 365, does this user have permission to do this? This is not a logstash error, you can confirm this with the error you are getting: "535 5.7.3 Authentication Unsuccessful" is generated on the email server and not logstash.

(Nikhil Singh) #3

Thanks Lewis got it already

(Nikhil Singh) #4

Also does ELK has inbuilt plugin or an application to monitor the health of third party server whether its up or down?

(Lewis Barclay) #5

It has many many plugins and solutions, what is the server you want to monitor?

(Nikhil Singh) #6

I need to monitor DataServer And EngineServer for Calypso Application its a banking application

(Lewis Barclay) #7

Yes but do you want to monitor the actual server itself or the application? We need much more information. What kind of server is it and what metrics do you want to monitor?

(Nikhil Singh) #8

The application functions on various levels dataserver and engineserver helps in supporting the application we just need to monitor the servers and notify us if it goes down by mail or so.

(Lewis Barclay) #9

Then you can use heartbeat to achieve this, there are many options you could choose.


(Nikhil Singh) #10

Thanks Lewis I'll try that

(Lewis Barclay) #11

Metricbeat can also provide metrics about the machine, RAM usage, Disk usage, CPU usage etc etc.

(Nikhil Singh) #12

Also can we configure to disable Dev Tools in Kibana Dashboard

(Lewis Barclay) #13

Not sure if you can natively, although if you have paid subscription then you can.

(Nikhil Singh) #14

I started installing Heartbeat but the PS is not able to find the service file to complete the last process to install.

(Lewis Barclay) #15

You used the install script correct?

(Nikhil Singh) #16

Yes all the steps executed correctly except the last one

(Lewis Barclay) #17

You ran the install as admin? Can you show that?

(Nikhil Singh) #18

I'm trying to update the yml file of heartbeat with new url but there is no changes in response as it is taking the older url

(Lewis Barclay) #19

If you ignore what I'm asking you to try then I cannot help you, I can't see what your doing so I don't know why its failing hence why I asked you to show you installing it.

(Nikhil Singh) #20

Installation is done successfully I figured it out I'm able to gather the response for a specific url but after updating yml file with a new url I'm not getting response for the updated url