Logstash....... Error: Could not find or load main class SEARCH

Here i'm facing this error when i'm running my logstash.conf file


here is my logstash.conf file:


Hi @usman_malik

Welcome to the community.

First things first. Please, do not post images of text. The proper way to post this type of information is to copy the text and paste it, then using the "</> " tool to format it.

Now, since you are trying your hand at logstash, start with something simpler, that does not involve other components of the ELK stack. To that end, I suggest you comment out or remove the elasticsearch{} output plugin and use stdout{} plugin in its stead. This will give you all output from logstash right in your console for you to read (and to paste here if needed :wink: )

Your error seems to indicate issues with the "Elasticsearch" installation. A quick google search gave some references to the path having spaces, or something. I user neither Elasticsearch , windows for my logstash instances or, gosh forbid, spaces in my paths, so I won't be of much assistance. I suggest you move this thread to the 'Elasticsearch' category.

Best regards.

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