Logstash error Cpu.cfs_period_us cannot be found


I have been working with Logstash this week but stuck with below error.
The error occurs when retrieving data from Oracle DB using the JDBC input plugin, filtering it in the pipeline, and despite the index being created and data being stored in Elasticsearch, the pipeline doesn't terminate successfully.

Logstash error
Cpu.cfs_period_us cannot be found
Try providing an override ls.cgroup.cpu.path.override
In the logstash java_opts environment variable
Collector name parnew
Collecotr name concuttentmarksweep

Could you kindly advise what should I do next?

Thanks in advance

Welcome to the community.

It's not easy figure out what is here a problem. It sounds like [Cpu][cfs_period_us] field is missing and your .conf is using somewhere in filter, I assume.
Have you used perhaps debug mode?
Can you copy a message where is falling?
Can you copy like where is the problem or .conf file?

Can you share the log error as presented on logstash logs? The cgroup log lines are normally only printed on DEBUG mode, and they are not an issue.

The default behaviour for a pipeline with a jdbc input is to terminate after it completes the query (unless you set the schedule option). When the input terminates the pipeline should terminate unless there is another input keeping it alive. Can you turn off DEBUG level logging and show us the logstash logs? Also share your input configuration.

Hello, this error occurs in debug mode..

hello and thanks.

this error occurs in debug mode.
here are the logs

hello the error occurs in debug mode and could u look into the log copy below?

hello, the error is debug mode error.

Here is the log capture

Please, do not share screenshots, they are pretty hard to read and some people may not even be able to read it.

Share the logs as text, use the preformatted text option, the </> button.

It is not an error when it is logged only in DEBUG mode, turn off DEBUG mode as it is rarely needed.

Check this post for more context

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