Logstash Error Notification System

Hello Guys;
I have to sending data with RabbitMQ-Logstash-Elasticsearch tree. I would like watch to the logstash's errors and if logstash has a error then I want send notification to me (slack or etc.). What do I configure system(rabbitmq or logstash or elasticsearch yml file)?
For example below warning

You could use filebeat or a logstash file input to consume the logstash log, and there exists a slack output that you could use. It sounds doable.

@muratcelebiler, do you have any other monitoring tools running on the machine where Logstash runs? I use Sensu (similar to Nagios) and I have checks in place to find the Logstash logs for errors and also a check that checks the Logstash Monitoring API health.

What Badger suggested should also work.

@A_B use Kibana for monitoring. But we would like notifications. Because we can't look at the monitor every time :slight_smile:

@Badger I can't work the logstash's plugin. Filebeat sounds good. Don't anything with Logstash this case? (yml configuration or etc.)

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