Logstash error while runing conf file

HI ,iam getting error while running conf file....
here iam using logstash for inserting MYSQL data into elasticsearch............
this is the error iam getting

this is my conf file...............

Use copy/paste. Don't post screenshots. The log output is truncated so we can't see everything. Please try again and make sure the whole error message is visible.

I am also getting the same issue

"type"=>"exception", "reason"=>"failed to sync translog", "caused_by"=>{"type"=>"file_system_exception", "reason"=>"file_system_exception: /app/elk/elasticdata/application/nodes/0/indices/indexname-2017-03-16/0/translog/translog.ckp: Too many open files"}

I am also getting the same issue

That's doesn't look like the same issue at all.

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