Logstash exits after less than a minute?


Hi guys,

I'm having a big problem, when I start Logstash's service it exits after a few seconds. (When checking it's statut it says "active (exited)", I managed to have it run for a few hours last week but now it's just not working.

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Have you checked the Logstash logs?


Where are they located?

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Typically in /var/log/logstash, but could be elsewhere depending on how Logstash is configured on your machine.


Found them, way too messy to be able to read them, my logstash is getting logs from pfSense and I just disable pfSense sending logs and now Logstash doesn't exit anymore. Could logstash crash if he gets too many data?

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Could logstash crash if he gets too many data?

Not likely.


I would gladly give you the logs from Logstash but it's just a mess.

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