Logstash, filebeat and http poller

Hi all

We are currently using filebeat and grok filter to extract a document number from a text file. now we would like to receive additional information about the document that is not in the same file.

is there a way after we received the document number to request additional information from a web service?

We already found http poller as input plugin but is there a way to combine this?

many thanks for your help in advance!

Use an http filter?

Isn't the http filter only for REST APIs?

"The HTTP filter provides integration with external web services/REST APIs."

You said you wanted to get additional information from a web service. I don't think the http filter actually requires that the service satisfy all of the REST constraints.

hi badger and sorry for my late reply.

i tried the http filter but unfortunately without success. http filter always sends content-type: text/plain, we need text/xml :roll_eyes:

see also https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-filter-http/issues/15

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