Logstash FileOutput Custom Name

I have a requirement where the file name (in the output) in a specific way.

After 11.30pm, It need to take next day date.

For example, today is 13th Oct 2020, the file name is ouput_13102020.log but then once it passes 11.30pm then the output should be output_14102020.log Because i need file data from 11.30.001 to next day 11.30.000

I could build file name in the ruby script and set a event.set('filename', value) but i am wondering if there is a better way to do it.

Here is code snippet generating the logic:

require 'date'

time = Time.now

if time.hour == 4 && time.min > 30
    time = DateTime.now.next_day(1).to_time

puts "logstash_output_"+time.strftime("%d%m%Y") 

That is the approach I would use.

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