Logstash filter based on beat.name - not type possible?


Hi im trying to get at logstash filter to fire based on one of the fields or tag instead of type. the reason being that i have multible types of beats coming in (winlogbeat and filebeat) i thought it would be easy peasy to get that done....

here are the config im trying. I've used the grok tester homepage to build the grok filter and this works - at least according to the grok test site

filebeat config


  • type: log
    enabled: true
    • /var/log/network.log

everything goes into elastic like a champ

logstash config - filter config section for network, ive tried several variations based on different posts to get the IF statement to work but no luck,

filter {

cisco switch

if ([fields]["beat.name"] == "network") {
grok {
break_on_match => true
match => { "message" => "%{CISCOTIMESTAMP:syslog_host_timestamp}%{SPACE}%{IP:ciscohost}%{SPACE}%{INT}%{PROG} 2061950: %{CISCOTIMESTAMP:cisco_host_time}: %{GREEDYDATA:cisco_message}"


The syntax is

  if [beat][name] == "network" {
    mutate { add_tag => [ "Hello_ssi" ] }


Ok and i Can use grok instead of mutate right ? And Then parse the rest of the filter




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