Logstash filter check value without fields

Below document there are 3 values without fields I need add logstash configuration to pick up 3 values, can you help please? maybe start with loglevel as DEBUG and error N13 to confirm before pick up 3 values below.

70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-23 as A id
B8-79-7E-00-00-47-72-70 as B id
6.3.4 as C number

2021-07-07 14:38:56.737 [audit_xxxxxxx-nn] DEBUG x.x.x.x.x.x.x. AuditEventSender - Message: "01","02","20210707T143856","70-B3-D5-1F-30-00-A0-23",nnnn,"","B8-79-7E-00-00-47-72-70","","","","","","","TEST1 TEST2","6.3.4","xxxxxx installation nnnnnn was parked because of the error N13 - Error N13 - Failure to receive response from Device for current device Step 4 in xxxxx installation 3,027,689"
, hostname=xx-xxxxx-xxxxnn.xxx.local

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