Logstash filter condition statement not working as expected

Version Used:
Logstash 5.5.0

Data Flow -> Filebeat (5.5.0)_ Logstash 5.5.0_Elasticsearch 5.5.0

Input Case1:

<tag1></tag1><tag2></tag2><Unique>Data 1<Unique>

Input Case 2:

 <tag1></tag1><tag2></tag2><Distinct Tag="1">Data 2</Distinct>

Input Case 3:

<tag1></tag1><tag2></tag2><Unique>Data 1</Unique>
<tag3></tag3><tag4></tag4><Distinct Tag="1">Data 2</Distinct>

Logstash Filter
Expected Output : Extract "Unique" tag Data, if it is not present then extract "Distinct Tag="1" tagdata

Logstash Yml:

filter {
  grok {
    patterns_dir => "./patterns"
    match => ["message", "<Unique>%{GREEDYDATA:Product_ID}</Unique>"]
if [Product_ID] ==[]{
  grok {
    patterns_dir => "./patterns"
      match => ["message", '<Distinct Tag="1" %{DATA:namespace}>%{GREEDYDATA:Product_ID}</Distinct>']
filter {  
  if "_grokparsefailure" in [tags] {
drop { }

Current Output :
The second match never occurs. (Distinct Tag="1" )
Case 2 Fails. If Distinct Tag is used in one grok separately, it work.

I even tried ->

if ![Product_ID]
#still not working

Is it because you have a space in your <Unique> tag in the doc that has a <Distinct> tag too?

Sorry, That space was not intentional. Can you check it again now.
Input case 2 if failing and not case 3 as it has<Unique> Tag

Can you post your custom pattern files?

I'm using the default"grok-patterns". I have not added any pattern.


If you'd like an answer within a specific window then we can provide support with SLAs. Otherwise please have patience :slight_smile:

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Show an example document that exhibits the problem. Copy/paste from Kibana's JSON or use a stdout { codec => rubydebug } output.

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