Logstash filter issue

Hi team,

I am using logstash filter to get the duration between two dates.

StartDate =2023-05-23T 10:25:53.123Z
EndDate =2023-05-23T 18:25:43.123Z
using the code below:--

            match => [ "Start Date", "ISO8601" ]
            target => "start_date"
date {
            match => [ "End Date", "ISO8601" ]
            target => "end_date"

ruby {
      init => "require 'time' "
      Code=> "event.set('duration', event.get('end_date').to_f - event.get('start_date').to_f )

In one machine it's showing proper output in second as (ex-34526.234) but in another machine for same code it's showing (1243678889.788) 10 digit output .

Is it the issue of time in Date filter?
Or any other issue?

Any help would be thankful.

If the StartDate field is missing then you will just get the result of parsing EndDate, which in recent years would be a 10-digit number.

Thanks burger , but I have checked both dates are present in the ingested data.

If you showed us a sample event using output { stdout { codec => rubydebug } } we might be able to work it out.

Hi burger,
In the output part I am using like this

 Output {

   Elasticsearch {
          I'd => "main_es" 
          Host=> ["localhost:9200"]
          index => "%{[@metadata][indexname]}"
          I'd => "%{I'd}"
         action= update
         doc_as_upcert=> true


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