Logstash filter no longer works after upgrading

(FreeBSD user) #1

Hello all, when I was using Logstash 5.3.0 I had the following filter which worked without issue:

if [event_id] == 257 and [computer_name] == "EXCHANGE-SERVER-1.DOMAIN.COM" or [computer_name] == "EXCHANGE-SERVER-2.DOMAIN.COM" or [computer_name] == "EXCHANGE-SERVER-3.DOMAIN.COM" {
   drop {}

However since upgrading to the latest version of Logstash I've noticed that I only get events from EXCHANGE-SERVER-1.DOMAIN.COM - no events come through for the other servers regardless of the event ID.

Can any tell me why this used to work but no longer does?


(Paris Mermigkas) #2

Could be something about how Logstash handles conditional grouping. That said, you can remove the multiple ORs by converting it to

if [event_id] == 257 and [computer_name] in ["EXCHANGE-SERVER-1.DOMAIN.COM", "EXCHANGE-SERVER-2.DOMAIN.COM", "EXCHANGE-SERVER-3.DOMAIN.COM"] {
   drop {}

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