Logstash filter TLD fails on .goog


We are using the logstash filter plugin tld version 3.0.2.

We have a number of DNS queries for domains with the tld of .goog and it fails on all of them. I was told that the tld filter has a discreet list of tlds and if tld sees one that isn't in that list it fails.

True? or is there something else going on?


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This is probably because the plugin depends on an old version of the public_suffix gem. If you look in GitHub there are a few issues and PRs related to this.


So according to https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-filter-tld/pull/6

I have to upgrade to LogStash 6.0 to get the fix?

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That PR is still open, but once it's merged and released an upgrade to LS 6 and an upgrade of the plugin should do it (or if you build the gem yourself from the open PR and install it in LS 6).

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