Logstash filter to include specific keys only

Hello Team,

I have one use case related to logstash filters
I need to parse nested json data with specific fields included and drop rest data

Data format:
"_index": "index-name",
"_source": {
"level": "INFO",
"params": {
"language": "id",
"ver": "1"
"Id": "some-id",
"logger": "RequestListener",
"httpRequest": {
"requestMethod": "GET",
"userAgent": "external-agent",
"message": "xyz-message",
"@timestamp": "2018-08-21T19:18:30.143Z",
"headers": {
"x-forwarded-port": "port"

Say, in above logs below fields should be considered as whitelisted and rest should be dropped

level, httpRequest.requestMethod, message, params.language

I tried using kv filter with include_keys but no luck
Also prune filter does not include "[httpRequest][requestMethod]" as a field

Please let me know what could a miss here?


Move the nested fields ([httpRequest][requestMethod] and [params][language]) into the top level, then use the prune filter.

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thanks alot @magnusbaeck
implemented it with mutate filter then applied prune white listing on those fields

If you get time please check below query

I am seeing drop in log ingestion from cloudwatch plugin, few of the logs are missing at ELK but available in source (cloud watch)

logs are ingested at average rate 6 mil/hour

I couldn't figure out a way to get to root cause of it


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