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I'm trying to parse a specific log event in xml. I used the xml filter with the target => "parsed_listen".
After running it creates a field "parsed_listen.txt" with the message from the log... Now I want to parse that field with the kv filter. But I don't seem to be able to use the kv filter having the source => "parsed_listen.txt"...

Any thoughts on that?


Please don't describe your configuration, show it.

This is part of my logstash configuration...

else if "listen_xml" in [tags] {

                xml {
                        source => "message"
                        target => "parsed_listen"
                        force_array => false
                        force_content => true
                        add_tag => [ "xml_applied" ]

     if "xml_applied" in [tags] {

                        grok {
                                match => { "parsed_listen.txt" => ["%{MONTHDAY}-%{DATA}-%{YEAR} %{TIME} /* %{DATA:[service]} /* %{DATA:[host]} /* %{INT:[return_code]}"] }
                                add_tag => [ "passed" ]

The "parsed_listen.txt" is the variable to be parsed, as it contains the log information that I want, after using the xml filter... Is it possible to grok matching the target of the xml filter?


Where and how is the parsed_listen.txt field created? The xml filter above only creates a parsed_listen field.

I'm not sure, but it was created by the xml filter... After it I could see the field created in Kibana... All I had to do to resolve this issue was:

mutate { rename => {"[parsed_listen][txt]" => "[parsed_txt]"} }

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