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I am trying to use logstash-filter-verifier (https://github.com/magnusbaeck/logstash-filter-verifier) for verifying my logstash filter. There is a simple issue and I think that I am doing a simple mistake here, but still could not figure out this.

I have a simple filter here where it differentiates first name, last name, and age

filter {
grok {
match => ["message", "%{WORD:firstname} %{WORD:lastname} %{NUMBER:age}"]
overwrite => [ "message" ]

this is my test json file

"fields": {
"type": "syslog"
"input": [
"sameera manorathna 23"
"expected": [
"firstname": "sameera",
"lastname": "manorathna",
"host": "sameera-pc",
"message": "sameera manorathna 23",
"age": "23",
"type": "syslog"

And I am not providing any timestamp related values here in the test json file. But there is an error related to the timestamp

Running tests in input.json...
Comparing message 1 of 1 from input.json...
--- /tmp/286448667/input.json/1/expected	2019-04-19 09:30:59.747762719 +0530
+++ /tmp/286448667/input.json/1/actual	2019-04-19 09:30:59.747762719 +0530
@@ -1,4 +1,5 @@
+  "@timestamp": "2019-04-19T04:00:58.461Z",
   "age": "23",
   "firstname": "sameera",
   "host": "sameera-pc",
Testcase failed, continuing with the rest: 1 message(s) did not match the expectations.
one or more testcases failed

This could be a stupid question. I know that this is a stupid question. But how the date filter works here?


I have never used it, but I think that is just telling you that the actual output includes the field @timestamp whilst your expected output does not. If you were parsing something like a line from syslog then you would expect to have a matching @timestamp, so the verifier cannot ignore it by default.

Can you try adding this to your json file

"ignore": ["@timestamp"],
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