Logstash for application.log + application.log.1.gz


I have Rolling file appenders in my java code which creates log files like - application.log, application.log.1.gz,application.log.2.gz so on. I want to index all of these and make sure messages from log files are read.
PFB logstash.config, but this seems not working.Kindly suggest
file {
path => [
codec => gzip_lines {}
if [path] =~ /^/application.log(?:.\d+)?.gz(?:.|%{NUMBER})?$/ {
grok {
match => { "message" => "Published symbol:%{NUMBER:Published_count:int}" }

Installed :bin/logstash-plugin install logstash-codec-gzip_lines

You will need a file input with the default codec to read "/path/to/application.log", and a second input with a gzip_lines codec to read the rotated files.

However, unless you are working with a static backup of live logs the normal use case would be just to read application.log. When that is rotated and compressed logstash will already have read the data and does not need to re-read the gzipped file.

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Got it. Also i need to apply grok filters for specific log file from a list.
file {
path => [
start_position => "beginning"
discover_interval => 10
codec => plain { }
However my
filter {
if [path] == "/var/app/log/process1.log" {
//code inside this is never called
//logic resides here
any suggestions?

Hi any suggestions on my above request

Should be:
if [log][file][path] == "/var/app/log/process1.log" {

And question, do you need IF at all?

Yes i would need IF as i have to read different logs from different files and drop rest all

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