Logstash forwarder cant TLS handshake

Hi there,

I am new to ELK. I want to setup an OSSEC monitoring solution (potentially by adding also other sensors such as splunk/etc) but it looks it is a bit complicated...

I have followed several links about this error but it is already 2 days that I cant resolve it and I have tried several things. So in summary:

I am running logstash version 2.0.0

And the error is the following:

I followed this -->

and that -->

and that -->

to conclude that there is nothing I can do (?). I also tried to disable the two ssl related values (hoping that it would work without SSL) but ofcourse it didnt.

Is there any help? Should I just dont care about logstash forwarder and switch to something else?

Thanks in advance

logstash-forwarder is deprecated so regardless of this problem you're having it's time to switch to something else. Have a look at Filebeat.