Logstash grok break E0802 into E and 0802

How do I break E0802 into E and 0802?


E0802 05:01:29.979775 30003 logging.cc:121] stderr will be logged to this file.

%{NOTSPACE:log_level} %{NOTSPACE:log_time} %{NOTSPACE:log_threadid} %{NOTSPACE:log_file}:%{NOTSPACE:log_line}] %{GREEDYDATA:log_msg}

Use grok.

grok { match => { "log_level" => "(?<e>.)%{NUMBER:foo}" } }

Wait, what did you do to make everything an array of arrays? I would have expected that to get parsed as (in rubydebug terms)

"log_level" => "E0802"
"log_time" => "05:01:29.979775"


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