Logstash grok issue while filtering data

I have a data that's basically for data deletion via rm command which looks as follows.

ttmv516,19/05/21,03:59,00-mins,dvcm,dvcm 166820 4.1 0.0 4212 736 ? DN 03:59 0:01 rm -rf /dv/project/agile/mce_dev_folic/test/install.asan/install,/dv/svgwwt/commander/workspace4/dvfcronrun_IL-SFV-RHEL6.5-K4_kinite_agile_invoke_dvfcronrun_at_given_site_50322

I'm using below logstash grok on this, which was working fine but until recently i see two weird issue 1) _grokparsefailure another 2) Hostname Field not appearing correctly ie its initial chars are not there like ttmv516 would appear like mv516.

%{HOSTNAME:Hostname},%{DATE:Date},%{HOUR:dt_h}:%{MINUTE:dt_m},%{NUMBER:duration}-%{WORD:hm},%{USER:User},%{USER:User_1} %{NUMBER:Pid} %{NUMBER:float} %{NUMBER:float} %{NUMBER:Num_1} %{NUMBER:Num_2} %{DATA} (?:%{HOUR:dt_h1}:|)(?:%{MINUTE:dt_m1}|) (?:%{HOUR:dt_h2}:|)(?:%{MINUTE:dt_m2}|)%{GREEDYDATA:CMD},%{GREEDYDATA:PWD_PATH}

However, testing same with grok Debugger in Kibana data appears correctly.

enter image description here

My logstash file as follows.

cat /etc/logstash/conf.d/rmlog.conf
input {
  file {
    path => [ "/data/rm_logs/*.txt" ]
    start_position => beginning
    sincedb_path => "/data/registry-1"
    max_open_files => 64000
    type => "rmlog"

filter {
  if [type] == "rmlog" {
    grok {
     match => { "message" => "%{HOSTNAME:Hostname},%{DATE:Date},%{HOUR:dt_h}:%{MINUTE:dt_m},%{NUMBER:duration}-%{WORD:hm},%{USER:User},%{USER:User_1} %{NUMBER:Pid} %{NUMBER:float} %{NUMBER:float} %{NUMBER:Num_1} %{NUMBER:Num_2} %{DATA} (?:%{HOUR:dt_h1}:|)(?:%{MINUTE:dt_m1}|) (?:%{HOUR:dt_h2}:|)(?:%{MINUTE:dt_m2}|)%{GREEDYDATA:CMD},%{GREEDYDATA:PWD_PATH}" }
      add_field => [ "received_at", "%{@timestamp}" ]
      remove_field => [ "@version", "host", "message", "_type", "_index", "_score" ]
output {
        if [type] == "rmlog" {
        elasticsearch {
                hosts => ["myhost.xyz.com:9200"]
                manage_template => false
                index => "pt-rmlog-%{+YYYY.MM.dd}"

Any help suggestion would highly be appreciated.

Logstash version 6.5

If you are getting a _grokparsefailure when your grok pattern matches that would suggest you have another configuration file in the conf.d directory that uses a different grok pattern.

If asked to load the configuration from a directory (rather than a specific file) then logstash will concatenate all the files in the directory, not just .conf files. It will include rmlog.conf.bak, rmlog.conf-, and even stuff like hs_err_pid22867.log, or core.

@Badger, thanks a mile for the response , however there is nothing on the conf.d directory expect single logstash file..

# cd /etc/logstash/conf.d/
[root@vlnxelk02 conf.d]# ls

Moreover, I'm starting the logstash as a service..

# systemctl start logstash.service

after restarting service everything looks good..

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