I tried to change a value in a field for use it like id but i couldn't modify the field value with gsub

The data i have in the field is like this: rId = ABC0_L123456_789012 and only data i want is 123456 from rId, this is my config

add_field => ["rNum","%{rId}]
gsub => [ "rNum","^.L","","rNum","_.",""]

what I get in elastic is the rId and rNum with the same value, gsub is not working properly with my set tup


The main error here is that the use of . without any character of repetition.

Error :
^.L search 1 character before a L at the beginning of the line.
Correction :
^.*L search 0 or more character since the beginning of the line until he found a L .

_. search 1 character after a _.
Correction :
_.*$ search 0 or more character until the end of the line after a _.


gsub => [ 
    "rNum", "^.L", "",
    "rNum", "_.", ""

Have to be replaced by

gsub => [ 
    "rNum", "^.*L", "",
    "rNum", "_.*$", ""

I will try asap

Thanks a lot!

It doesn't work, I get the same data in rId and rNum.


Is it write like that in your logstash configuration file ?
Because add_field take a hash not an array

add_field => ["rNum","%{rId}"]
So how could i apply the gsub?

I think the error came from the add_field.
In the documentation, about the add_field, we can found If this filter is successful, add any arbitrary fields to this event so i think, the add field is execute after the gsub. That's why rNim and rld have the same value.

Use copy option instead.

mutate {
    copy => { 
        "rld" => "rNum"
    gsub => [ 
        "rNum", "^.*L", "",
        "rNum", "_.*$", ""

Correct, the order of operations is

  • coerce
  • rename
  • update
  • replace
  • convert
  • gsub
  • uppercase
  • capitalize
  • lowercase
  • strip
  • remove
  • split
  • join
  • merge
  • copy
  • add_field
  • remove_field
  • add_tag
  • remove_tag

Thanks, I will try with copy, but @Badger said that copy is afer gsub, too. Tomorrow i will update you, Thanks!!!

Split the mutate filter into two mutate filters if you want to force the order.

Like this ???

Like that, except you have an extra => in the second mutate.

Thanks, tomorrow i will update, thanks!

@Badger thanks a lot, two mutates solve my issue!! BR

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