Logstash hangs when uploading csv file

I recently installed LogStash 2.3.0 for ElasticSearch 2.3.1 against java version "1.8.0_73" on Windows 10 64-bit platform. Then tried running a LogStatsh CSV file upload that had about 200K lines. LogStash just hangs without throwing any errors. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Logstash is probably tailing the input file, i.e. waiting for additional input. Read about sincedb in the file input documentation and check the archives for additional threads on this topic. Also, make sure you adjust the file input's ignore_older option if the input file is older than 24 hours. Finally, start Logstash with --verbose to get more clues about what the file input is doing.

If neither of these suggestions help, please post your configuration and relevant logs.

Thanks Magnus.. I found the ignore_older option pretty useful. Added this to my conf file and the file started processing. I run into other warnings along the way (e.g. 'Missing or stray quote in line 1>, :level=>:warn'), but I guess these warnings are not too serious. Thanks for your help again!