Logstash having exception while starting

(Sharon Sasporta) #1

I am running in V5.0.1

It looks like my logstash having errors and exceptions when booting.

Below the link to log:



(Valugi) #2

Seems that your port 5000 is already in use. Try changing it from 5000 to 5044 or another free port. Also check that other logstash instances are not running already and have been closed properly (using ps).

(Sharon Sasporta) #3

I see it is also mentioned in the log the filebeat, on which I have issues to start it too. It looks like the problems are connected.
Am I right?

(Sharon Sasporta) #4

So then I need also to change in the filebeat.yml the port, to 5044 too, right?


The Logstash hosts

#hosts: ["localhost:5000"]
hosts: [""]

(Sharon Sasporta) #5

The Logstash is OK now, but still having issue with starting the filebeat.

(Valugi) #6

take a look at your Filebeat log (usually in /var/log/filebeat/filebeat) to see what is wrong. maybe restart the service

(Sharon Sasporta) #7

There were issues in the yml file.

(system) #8

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