Logstash healthcheck

Our Logstash runs in a pod every 30 mins. Once in a while, it stops working and we need to restart the pod.
Is there a way logstash can notify an external server that it's up and running (an http endpoint)

Hi @sulsulatoff ,

there is a local API endpoint

# curl -s -XGET localhost:9600 | jq .
  "host": "logstash32.mydomain.com",
  "version": "7.8.1",
  "http_address": "",
  "id": "fe525a53-e769-48e0-ac5e-1a1ce334d1b0",
  "name": "logstash32.mydomain.com",
  "ephemeral_id": "9d068ad4-4c91-4552-aeea-67cb9db3de15",
  "status": "green",
  "snapshot": false,
  "pipeline": {
    "workers": 16,
    "batch_size": 125,
    "batch_delay": 50
  "monitoring": {
    "hosts": [
    "username": "logstash_system"
  "build_date": "2020-07-21T19:19:46+00:00",
  "build_sha": "5dcccb963be4c163647232fe4b67bdf4b8efc2cb",
  "build_snapshot": false

If an external service would need access, you could expose it I guess. Not sure what the security implications are...

Thank you @A_B

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